About Us

Our purpose is found in one of our projects with the same name.  It endeavors to help students understand the immediate impact they can make on the world around them. With that in mind, we construct a plan in collaboration with philanthropies like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and nonprofits like Heal the Bay. These partnerships allow philanthropic funds to be dispersed to their allocated causes according to the grades earned by K-12 students. Case in point, a third-grader named Jimmy enters our G4G Project and chooses to support the efforts of Heal the Bay. An online account is created for Jimmy, where he can view the amount of money released to Heal the Bay when he achieves his A’s and B’s with his weekly quizzes and assignments from school.

Students have opportunities to be more involved with the nonprofits that they choose to support. Later in the school year, students are celebrated and introduced to their selected nonprofit representatives. The objective is to recruit 5%-10% of 1-12th grade students throughout the South Bay L.A. and Orange County communities. Future goals will include scholarships for these students.

In addition, we find that many parents often feel the same disparity working multiple part-time jobs, which lack opportunities for real growth. They hope that things will improve in the future, while struggling in their day-to-day reality. Some of these mothers and fathers deal with the same cognitive challenges shared by their children, but never received the educational support they needed when they were younger.


Grades 4 Good addresses those facts by supporting adults through job training programs with personalized tutoring. That way, they too, can better their future by taking positive actions in the here and now. We plan to expand this job training guidance in the areas of renewable energy and innovation.