Eric Skaggs, Founder & CEO

Why support marginalized students?


“When I grow up . . . . When I go to college . . .  When I get hired . . .” These are common statements by our children. I always shared with my students that it’s not “When” that drives our lives but “Why”. Deep questions tethered to solutions are what give our lives direction and richness. Grades 4 Good reminds our children that the “When” is now and that they all add value and make an impact on this world with each breath of their present life.

In my 13 years of high school instruction and my 10 years of tutoring, I saw that many times it is the quiet ones that have the most to say and it is the disruptive ones who wish to be the most instrumental part of the group.

Grades 4 Good creates opportunities for those voices to be heard and those instruments to be utilized. We work with students struggling to find their voice and their place. Those struggles may come in the form of financial strife, disruption within the family, cognitive processing, physical challenges, and an endless number of circumstances that strip our children from academic progression.

We foster that progress with 1-on-1 and small group instruction, summer and winter educational camps, supplying schoolteachers with innovative grammar tools customized to their reading materials, and creating mobile instructional space at local parks and athletic fields. Our organization works with families, school staff, and local community resources to reach and serve those in need.

Image by Jeswin Thomas